Cloud & Security

Modern solutions for modern businesses. 

As business operations get increasingly digital-heavy, cloud solutions need to be flexible, scalable, and resilient. Ours are all three. 

Built into the core of our connectivity network, our robust cloud services cater to the needs of businesses of every size - ensuring that you stay connected to systems and data, 24/7.  


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Safe, secure, off-premise.

Colocation provides all the benefits of a Tier 3 Data Centre while answering demands for security, centralised management, and compliance—a key step towards developing a cloud strategy.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Raw, on-demand computing power.

A flexible, cost-effective, and highly scalable alternative to the hyperscalers, our IaaS platform, 1Cloud, is privately connected to our network and built across two Tier 3 data centres for ultimate resilience.

Cloud Exchange

Multiple clouds, one secure connection.  

Cloud Exchange lets you connect to your platform of choice, including leading vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, and Google Cloud, without the need for discrete connectivity or relying on the public internet.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Ready-for-anything cyberprotection.

Keep your customers' data and workloads safe with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. A complete suite of wholesale data protection, recovery, and management products to protect businesses from all angles, whatever their size.


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