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To ensure all features on any of our websites work properly your devices, (e.g. Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc) needs to accept cookies. Don’t worry our cookies don’t store your personal information but provide us with anonymous information about your use of the website and help us recognise you (as an anonymous user) so we can personalise your online experience. Cookies will automatically be placed on your computer, tablet, or mobile web browser when you visit any PlatformX websites.

We also work with select partners that provide content for our website who will have their own cookie policies, and we advise you to visit their cookie policies should you follow a link and/or visit their website. You can choose to manage or disable cookies anytime through your browser settings, but if you do some parts of the site may not work properly - Click here for our full list of Ad Technology Providers

What types of cookies we use

Cookie Type

What it does

Essential & Functional Cookies

Essential Cookies are also sometimes called “strictly necessary” they are automatically dropped onto your computer, tablet or mobile when you access our websites as they are essential for our website to function correctly.

Functional cookies allow us to remember any preferences you’ve made and we use them to improve your online experience. These cookies are anonymous and don’t track browsing activity across other websites.

Personalisation & Re-targeting cookies

Personalisation cookies help us to tailor our website based on your interests. They tell us how you’re using the site, so we can show you products and offers that might be of interest to you.

Targeted cookies are used by advertisers on our website. They track your browser when you visit different websites to understand what you're interested in and use this information to display more relevant adverts to you on other websites.

Analytical & Tracking Cookies

Analytical & Tracking cookies are used to track visitors on the website. How you browse, how long are you staying on the site, what you are looking at and when you have made a purchase. They are essential in measuring customer experience, the performance of a website, and to optimise it.

List of Cookies used

Cookie name





First party session cookie used to store information relating to the current application state such as current page, contentful slug.



A token to mitigate against cross site request forgery attacks. This token is refreshed with every page load and prevents AJAX requests from external sources.


2 years

Used to distinguish users.


2 years

Used to persist session state.


1 year

The visitor cookie includes a unique visitor ID and the unique identifier for your business unit. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345 stores the visitor ID 1010101010. The account identifier, 12345, makes sure that the visitor is tracked on the correct business unit. The visitor value is the visitor_id in your business unit. This cookie is set for visitors by the Account Engagement tracking code.


1 year

If Tracking Opt-in preferences is enabled, the pi_opt_in cookie is set with a true or false value when the visitor opts in or out of tracking. If a visitor opts in, the value is set to true, and the visitor is cookied and tracked. If the visitor opts out or ignores the opt-in banner, the opt-in cookie value is set to false. The visitor cookie is disabled, and the visitor isn’t tracked.


1 year

The visitor hash cookie contains the account ID and stores a unique hash. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345-hash stores the hash “855c3697d9979e78ac404c4ba2c66533”, and the account ID is 12345. This cookie is a security measure to make sure that a malicious user can’t fake a visitor and access corresponding prospect information.


1 year

This LPV cookie is set to keep us from tracking multiple page views on a single asset over a 30-minute session. For example, if a visitor reloads a landing page several times over a 30-minute period, this cookie keeps each reload from being tracked as a page view.


1 year

A session cookie named pardot is set in your browser while you’re logged in as a user or when a visitor accesses a form, landing page, or page with Account Engagement tracking code. The cookie denotes an active session and isn’t used for tracking.

How to manage your cookies

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on the ‘C’ icon which can be located in the corner of the screen. You can then adjust the available sliders to ‘On’ or ‘Off’, then clicking ‘Save and close’. In order to for your settings to take effect you may need to refresh your page effect.

Example 1

Screenshot 2024-03-08 113948

Example 2

Screenshot 2024-03-08 114003

Remember, you don’t have to manage your cookies using the above platform, most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers:

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We have a data protection officer who is responsible for all of our issues relating to the protection of personal data including our Cookie Policy. The data protection officer can be contacted via emailing or by writing to The Data Protection Officer, TalkTalk Soapworks, Ordsall Lane Salford, M5 3TT

Changes to this policy

We may update this cookie policy from time to time. The revised policy will be posted to this page.