1.0 Introduction

At PlatformX Communications we believe in affordable, fair connectivity for everyone. We recognise that individuals with accessibility requirements or people who, as a result of circumstances, may be vulnerable, may have particular service needs. This policy sets out the services and working practices that we offer to help meet these needs.

2.0 Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to;

(a) Customers;
(b) Prospective customers;
(c) Former customers and;
(d) Nominated users or individuals acting under a Power of Attorney

2.1 Definitions

For the purpose of this policy Vulnerable Customers are Customers who, as a result of their personal circumstances may be particularly susceptible to harm or detriment. This includes circumstances which impact their ability to make an informed decision, access services or take appropriate action.

We won’t judge a person’s capacity simply on the basis of age, an aspect of behaviour or circumstance, but we recognise that the following circumstances can make a customer more vulnerable:

- Age
- Physical or learning disability
- Physical or mental illness
- Low Literacy Levels
- Communication Difficulties
- Significant changes in circumstances such as bereavement

This policy also considers specific needs of individuals with additional accessibility requirements. Whilst not all people with disabilities are vulnerable, we recognise that we may need to make adjustments to enable access to our services.


3.1 Our commitment

We commit to ensuring the fair and appropriate treatment of our Vulnerable Customers.

As vulnerability does not impact everyone in the same way, we believe each vulnerable customer’s needs should be assessed on an individual basis. We use the following principles as a guide to help determine appropriate support measures:

We make reasonable adjustments to our processes

Customers should be supported in making informed decisions about PlatformX Communications’s products and services. We will never assume that a customer’s vulnerability means that they do not have the mental capacity to make a decision and we won’t discriminate against someone because of their vulnerability. We will treat vulnerable customers with respect and be understanding and be empathetic to their situation and provide practical support

We may sometimes need to take steps to safeguard customers where their welfare is a concern, or in immediate or imminent danger.

3.2. Vulnerability

There are many reasons which may cause a customer to be vulnerable and required support will vary based upon an individual’s circumstances. Where we are made aware a customer is vulnerable we will consider reasonable adjustments. Below are some examples of how we may adapt our service.

3.2.1 Low literacy (including dyslexia), numeracy skills:

We will check understanding and the customer’s requirements

We will be clear and concise with selling terms

We will repeat information if needed

3.2.2 Severe or long term illness:

We will consider if the customer needs to nominate someone to speak on their behalf or need us to consider their illness in our decisions

Whether the customer needs additional time to understand or process information, or preferences for the way we communicate with them

We may recommend a suitable channel of communication to support the customers preferred communication method

Dependent upon the customer circumstances, we will also consider sign posting to external support


3.2.4 Caring responsibilities (including having Power of Attorney)

Caring for someone can be challenging and Carers may require signposting to additional support

They might need to set an additional business contact on the customer’s accounts. We will explain our processes where they are needed

A bereaved customer is likely to require an empathetic approach. They may also need guidance on processes or may require information to be repeated

3.2.5 Changing how we act:

We will allow people to take their time and be patient

Actively listen, play back your understanding, paraphrase, etc.

Check understanding

Avoid jargon and think about the language we use

Be prepared to repeat information and explanations

3.2.6 Third Party Support

We will support the customer to set up a Nominated User on their behalf and sign post how to do this

3.3 Services we offer

PlatformX Communications has a number of different services to support customers with accessibility requirements which may also be helpful for some vulnerable customers. These services include:

3.3.1. Alternative format

We can provide bills, contracts and letters in formats such as large print, Braille, coloured paper options and audio CD on request. Please contact us to request an alternative format. If you require presale contract information and contract summary documents in alternative formats, please ask a colleague.