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World-class protection against DDoS attacks.

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It’s never been easier to launch a DDoS attack, therefore it’s never been more important to ensure you have adequate protection.


DDoS attacks

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are rising in size, frequency, and complexity. As businesses become more dependent on cloud-based applications to operate – attacks that disconnect them from contact centres, phone systems, ERP or finance systems are a costly threat.

To prevent your customers from falling victim, we’ve made a multi-million-pound investment in deploying a NETSCOUT® -based DDoS attack mitigation platform.

Our cloud-based protection and Mitigation Solution is fully managed and intelligently automated continuously backed by global threat intelligence meaning attacks are identified before they hit the network, limiting business impact and saving your customers downtime, lost revenue, and a tarnished brand reputation.   


We give you complete control: 

Available over the top of any PXC internet access feed 

An easy and effective upsell opportunity for new and existing customer circuits or ports (1Cloud) 

No onsite equipment needed, allowing straightforward network-level deployment  

Customisable trigger levels for tailored solutions that suit you and your customers 

Simple order journey for new circuits available via 1Portal  

Competitively priced 


The benefits

With no onsite equipment required, our DDoS Mitigation solution offers straightforward network level deployment with little disruption to your customers business operations.

As a fully-managed and automated solution it provides always-on protection through constant monitoring, reducing the risk of downtime, damage to revenue and reputation. The service lets your customers customise traffic trigger levels to their specific requirements, and even provides monthly reports to support their business intelligence.

Peace of mind

Downtime prevention

Easy installation

Simplified costs

Tailored solution

Monthly reports


Emergency DDoS Mitigation

If your customer doesn’t have a DDoS Mitigation solution in place and experiences an attack, our Emergency DDoS Mitigation solution can help. It offers an on-demand solution for protection against ongoing attacks in real time for a one-off standalone charge. With the option to upgrade to a Managed DDoS Mitigation to stay protected.

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