Reseller Partners

Looking to exceed customer expectations?

We have that in common.

That’s why we make sure you have all the tools you need to stand out and deliver. Whether it’s connectivity, cloud, security, or collaboration, we empower our reseller partners to offer a flexible, competitive portfolio and seamless service. Plus, with our industry-leading support, we’ve always got your back.

Diverse product portfolio

Cutting-edge connectivity solutions, and an array of upsell options across sectors.

Competitive pricing

Favourable wholesale rates, so you can maximise your margins.

Software-defined network

With direct control over solutions and a seamless order journey for greater flexibility and scalability.

Faster self-service

Quote, order and manage all your solutions in real time with 1Portal.

Reliable support

Responsive customer service and technical support, backed by a dedicated Account Manager.

Stable network

Consistent network uptime with minimal disruptions and downtime.

Proven track record

20 years of experience delivering to over 180,000 business and over 1000 partners across the UK.


From products to solutions.

Stay far ahead of the competition by making the most of our flexible solutions across sectors.

Strengthen your portfolio with a diverse range of connectivity options to suit every customer, with the opportunity to upsell, bundle, or package your offerings with our cloud, security, voice and collaboration products. What’s more, you can manage all your solutions in real-time, through our award-winning 1Portal platform.

  • FTTP

  • Layer 2 Connectivity

  • SoGEA

  • DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

  • Gfast


  • FTTC

  • Managed SD-WAN

  • ADSL

  • Wires-only (SD-WAN Connect)

  • Ethernet

  • Resiliency

  • Cellular

  • Internet Access with Layer 2 VLAN (Carrier Connect)


Go further.

Scale up your product portfolio, and your share of wallet.


Get used to ‘ease of mind’

We do our best to make it easier for you to do business.

That means we thoroughly research every product we offer, so you’re just one easy order journey away from going to market, and maximising profit. You can even simplify your supply chains by transferring service relationships, carrier estates and legacy products over to us – so you can stay focused on the future.


Take control of your solutions

With our award-winning partner portal, 1Portal, which gives you:

A full view of Openreach's infrastructure, mapping and capacity.

Access to Direct Internet Access, value-add services, Cloud services, IP-VPN (MPLS) & Managed SD WAN Solutions.

Real-time prices of our own, and other major UK carriers in under 30 seconds

Access to our partner enablement toolkits and knowledge library.

Direct management and configuration of live circuits and solutions on our software-defined network.

Real-time integration and progress updates from Openreach to track projects.

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