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Our industry-leading wholesale connectivity solutions have been designed to give you the power of choice. Broaden your product portfolio and address the unique needs of your customers easily, with seamless implementation and robust security.


Make the Most of Our Network.

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Our Connectivity Solutions

Meet every customer demand effortlessly, with our range of flexible and scalable solutions – all at your fingertips with our award-winning 1Portal and suite of APIs.




Rapid, reliable, diverse.

Full fibre delivered directly to your customer's premise from the exchange. Benefit from a diverse range of bandwidth options and enhanced network reliability.


Speedy, turbo-charged broadband.

By harnessing the power of FTTC technology, our ultrafast copper broadband keeps even the most bandwidth hungry businesses up to speed.


Reliable connectivity.

Swift and cost-effective connectivity, easily tailored to meet specific customer needs.



With Ethernet, all network traffic is privately delivered back to our network through discrete interconnects, eliminating the need for VPNs. Our Ethernet products include business-grade SLAs, 24-7 UK-based support, and dedicated bandwidth.

Managed Ethernet Layer 3


Reliable nationwide connectivity.

Our DIA offering provides nationwide data connectivity directly from the customer's premise to our core network. Choose from our IP Address Ranges (IPV4 and IPV6), Managed CPE, and Managed Firewall options, with the option to connect privately to our native cloud platforms.


Privacy where you need it.

Establish a secure private network for your customers using our diverse range of connectivity solutions, including Fibre Ethernet, EoFTTC, FTTP, Cellular Ethernet, Broadband FTTC and ADSL.


Strengthen your network.

Enhance your connectivity with our unparalleled Network, Carrier and Duct (RA02) Resilience options, which help us in ensuring 99.99% network reliability, providing you with genuine piece of mind.

Wholesale Ethernet Layer 2

Layer 2 Connectivity

Unlock nationwide data connectivity.

Seamless connectivity from the customer's premise to your core network, allowing you to prioritise internet access and value-added services. Explore a diverse range of connectivity options tailored to your customers' needs, including Ethernet, EoFTTP, Broadband FTTC and FTTP, and ADSL.

Managed SD-WAN

Complete visibility and control.

A solution that enables a multi-site Wide Area Network (WAN) using internet connections, rather than private connectivity. Gain control and visibility over network behaviour and insights into interventions when it's not performing as planned.

Wires Only (SD-WAN Connect)

Seamless deployment.

This Layer 3 internet service features fixed IP addressing assigned in the core of our network. Benefit from the ability to deploy an SD-WAN controller on a customer site, eliminating the need for additional routing CPE.


Additional Services

4G Cellular Ethernet

Ideal for remote or temporary locations, 4G Cellular Ethernet ensures rapid and straightforward installation, supporting a range of services such as Internet Access, SIP, or MPLS.  With discreet interconnects, traffic is seamlessly routed back to our network, avoiding the unnecessary exposure to the public internet.


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