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What is 1Cloud?

A flexible, cost-effective, and highly scalable alternative to the hyperscalers, our IaaS platform, 1Cloud, is privately connected to our network and built across two Tier 3 data centres for ultimate resilience.

Using best-of-breed, enterprise-grade hardware,1Cloud offers the resilience and scale businesses expect from cloud computing, while removing the complexities associated with large-scale public cloud offerings — including backhaul fees and operating system licence costs.


Cloud Consolidation

We know cloud platforms can be operationally heavy with inflexible storage options. 1Cloud can solve the challenges of fractured solutions. Hold all Cloud data and applications in one place and allow your customers to become more flexible and gain better control of costs.


The benefits

For your customers:

Private access to their data in a highly secure environment.

Pay-as-you-go pricing with no minimum term commitments, or opt for lock in resource consumption to match your budget planning.

No additional data ingress and egress charges.

Built-in resilience and contingency from Tier 3 data centre environments.

Diversify your portfolio.

Generate new revenue streams.

Reduce operational and financial challenges.

Capitalise on market opportunities.


If you’re ready to learn more about how 1Cloud can serve your business, contact us to learn more about it, or explore our complete Cloud and Security portfolio.