Network Backhaul

Network Backhaul that’s right up your street.

Carrier and Alt-Net partners can direct traffic faster, further and more flexibly.

Network Backhaul

Network Backhaul. Now with added simplicity.

We understand the difficulties of achieving UK-wide coverage with a single backhaul provider. Complicated multi-step ordering processes and supply chain complexities can make it challenging. Fortunately, our Network Backhaul solutions address these issues and more.

Nationwide Network

Expand your network nationwide.

High-capacity, highly scalable and resilient.

We’ve deployed high-capacity, highly scalable, resilient network infrastructure to 1,000 Openreach Exchanges across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Local Presence

We can make this available to supply backhaul for Alt-Nets and ISPs alike to connect their local presence to key Data Centres via 10Gb or 100Gb NNIs.

Scale up

This allows Partners to scale up whilst leveraging our strategic investments and negating the significant Capex and Opex costs of building and maintaining key network infrastructure, so that investments can be focused on the final mile and connecting customers.

Ethernet Exchange Backhaul

Your Versatile Connection.

Flexible Capacity Options

With capacity ranging from 1GB to 10GB, our Ethernet Exchange Backhaul caters to a wide spectrum of demands.

Simplified Expansion

The ease of upgrading means that your network can grow effortlessly alongside your business.

Diverse Routing

Enjoy fully diverse routing options into your chosen exchange, ensuring you have a robust and resilient network.

Optical Exchange Backhaul

Connectivity at Lightning Speed.

High-Speed Connectivity

Experience lightning-fast data transmission with our Optical Exchange Backhaul, offering capacity of up to 100GB.


As network usage increases, our solutions can effortlessly scale to meet your demand requirements, providing you with the consistent capacity needed to support your customers’ traffic.

Optical Network Design

Each network is meticulously designed using innovative optical network architecture, ensuring top-tier and reliable performance.

Backhaul Solutions

What can our Network Backhaul solutions offer you:

Single supplier relationship

covering pricing, ordering, delivery, assurance and billing, allowing you to reduce your procurement, overheads and support costs.


Market-leading service assurance SLA, increasing end-customer satisfaction.


A highly competitive commercial model.


Flexibility to increase bandwidth in line with end-customer demands.

Ready to learn more about our Network Backhaul solutions? Download our Product Data Sheet for a comprehensive overview.

Download our Backhaul Product Data Sheet

Network Backhaul Solutions

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