Simplifying Partner Sales Through Automation

If there’s one technology that promises to streamline the Channel, it’s automation. And while automation is nothing new, the recent advances in AI are helping many businesses automate more aspects of their operations.

That’s why our team has been working hard to improve our internal systems – with new levels of interoperability that ensure you have the most hands-off experience possible – all without losing the ‘human touch’ that you expect from a partner.

So, here are three ways we’ve simplified your sales with automation recently.

Making our APIs even better

Understanding that there’s a good chance you’ve invested a lot of resources into your own systems and portals, we don’t want to force you to get rid of them just to work with us.

So, rather than forcing you to work with 1Portal, we’ve got a broad set of APIs that help you integrate 1Portal’s capabilities into your own systems, ensuring a seamless experience for your team.

Supporting international customers and carriers

Whether it's our major wholesale customers or international partners, we’re determined to enable more efficient international solutions across territories, technologies, and providers.

A big part of that is achieving MEF 3.0 and Sonata accreditations, and we’ve already taken the first step on this journey by releasing Carrier Connect.

What is Carrier Connect?

It’s a single circuit purchased by a Carrier that delivers both a DIA service, and a layer-2 connection back into the Carrier’s NNI. Both VLANs are fully flexible using Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Carrier Connect provides far more control over network behaviour, with loads of options for customisation, like the ability to have two separate internet feeds. Carriers can also leverage improved visibility, threat detection and insights to provide additional value through fully managed network services, too.

Our CP&MO, Neil Wilson, spoke at Capacity Europe last year, discussing Carrier Connect, automation and how it simplifies our partners’ operations. If you want to hear his key points or learn more about Carrier Connect, contact the team to arrange a meeting.

Making 1Portal the de facto ordering process

Last but certainly not least is all our team’s work to make our award-winning 1Portal even better!

Going hand-in-hand with improving 1Portal’s APIs, we’ve done everything we can to automate the ordering process and reduce the time it takes to create complex quotes for end customers.

This work makes the process of ordering new services super simple, removing as many opportunities for human error as possible. We’ve even added interactive sliders for our scalable cloud services, which means you can flex quotes up and down to see the cost changes right away before getting the right quote in customers’ hands.

“We’ve laid the foundations for 1Portal to become even better. For example, quotes for cloud services are updated in real-time, using sliders to adjust deliverables, with price changes reflected immediately.

This means our partners can work with their customers to explore various options and weigh capabilities against budget with no delays, accelerating time-to-revenue.” Neil Wilson, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, PXC

We’ve got even more evolutions to 1Portal, our processes, and how we engage with you, planned for the future – some coming sooner rather than later…

So, keep an eye out for more exciting news coming soon and get in touch with your Account Manager if you have any questions.

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