Expand network potential with Optical and Ethernet Backhaul

Modern businesses have modern needs. That means seamless, high-bandwidth, and cost-effective connectivity.

Running the broadest fixed-line network in the UK means we already understand the importance of robust, efficient, and scalable solutions… As well as the challenges of selling those same services into the UK economy.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Optical Exchange Backhaul and Ethernet Exchange Backhaul, making our Partners’ lives much faster and easier.

What’s Backhaul all about?

Backhaul connects key data centres and Exchanges, bridging the gap between core networks, and smaller networks and end-customers across the country. It plays a vital role in extending network coverage and enabling users to access the internet.

These products are ideal to overcome the challenges of carriers and ISPs, providing the flexibility and diversity needed to empower and reassure customers that their services won’t fail them.

That’s why we offer both Optical Exchange Backhaul and Ethernet Exchange Backhaul in our connectivity portfolio.

Optical Exchange Backhaul: The Speed of Light

High-Speed Connectivity: Optical Exchange Backhaul offers capacity of up to 100Gb, ensuring lightning-fast data transmission up and down the UK.

Scalability: As network usage increases, our solutions can scale with demand, ensuring that you always have the capacity to support your customers’ traffic.

Optical Network Design: Each network is carefully designed by our expert team, guaranteeing top-tier, reliable performance for fewer in-life issues.

Ethernet Exchange Backhaul: Your Versatile Connection

Flexible Capacity Options: With capacity ranging from 1Gb to 10Gb, our Ethernet Exchange Backhaul solutions can adapt to a wider range of uses.

Simplified Expansion: The ease of upgrading means that your network can grow effortlessly alongside your business.

Diverse Routing: We provide fully diverse routing options into your chosen Exchange, ensuring a robust and resilient network.

Six reasons why you should choose our Exchange Backhaul solutions

Forget about the massive up-front and ongoing costs of building and maintaining your own network infrastructure.

Our quick and seamless activation process spares you the headaches of dealing with all the red tape.

Extend your network to nearly anywhere in the UK with our massive infrastructure and resources at your fingertips.

Streamline your supplier network, by accessing multiple service options through PXC.

Improved network performance and reliability enhance your credibility and ability to provide top-quality SLAs to your customers.

We’ll work closely with you to perfect the network and align with your traffic requirements with your growth goals.

Ready to take your network to the next level?

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your network, get in touch to explore how our Exchange Backhaul solutions can take your business to new heights.

Or, get in touch to learn more about working with us, and how our robust, efficient, and scalable network services will help grow your business.

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