Case Study: BackupVault

Discover how BackupVault boosted revenue by utilising our Cloud & Security portfolio.

Founded in 2004, BackupVault provides automatic cloud backup solutions and critical data protection against ransomware, insider attacks and hackers for businesses and organisations worldwide. They also offer services and support for MSPs, Partners, and end-users.

BackupVault partnered with PXC (then TalkTalk Wholesale Services) in 2023 and have since gone on to generate new business opportunities, increase revenue, and diversify their portfolio.

With a 300% rise in cybercrime since the COVID-19 pandemic*, it has never been more important to ensure both you and your end-customers are protected. Aware of the threats posed, BackupVault were on the hunt for a new cyber protection solution, one that delivered on both features, reliability and value. Through discussions with our Cloud Specialists, they discovered the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an all-in-one solution that offers a complete suite of wholesale data protection, recovery, security and management products to protect businesses from all angles, whatever their size.

BackupVault particularly liked this solution as they felt their previous backup vendor was missing a lot of valuable features, they had stopped developing for on-premise server backup solutions, and had increased prices by 10-20%. Since Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud became their preferred vendor, all these issues have been resolved.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a dramatic rise in the amount of people working remotely and a huge increase in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace use. This increase meant there was a bigger need for back-up. Knowing that your documents and systems were protected was key in maintaining customer confidence.

Reporting was previously a big issue for us. Since switching to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud we’re now far more comfortable that we have a reliable view of what’s working and what needs attention” – Brian Evans, Sales Director at BackupVault

Since adding Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to their portfolio, BackupVault have seen revenue increase by over 55% in 12 months.

We are now protecting over 1.5PB of data, the majority due to Acronis” - Rob Stevenson, Founder at BackupVault.

As well as Cyber Protect Cloud, BackupVault have also implemented Advanced Email Security/Advanced DR/AV and EDR solutions to both existing and new customers. Expanding the range of services they offer has enabled them to maintain relationships with end users and partners. As a result of having a having a more diverse and engaging offering, they’ve been able to generate interest and spark conversations.

BackupVault opted for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud via PXC rather than going direct to Acronis due to the unrivalled support on offer.

“We know that we can pick up the phone or email our Cloud Specialist Dominic, and get an answer to a question within minutes. And if he doesn’t know he finds out within 24 hours. A swift response can mean the difference between winning and losing a deal” – Rob Stevenson, Founder at BackupVault

PXC is the UK’s leading wholesale provider of innovative solutions for connectivity, voice, cloud and security underpinned by the UK’s most robust, secure, resilient and reliable network. Our range of flexible, resilient, and high performing cloud solutions are built into the core of our network, and designed to support any journey away from on-premises equipment, with guaranteed privacy and security. Whatever the scale of your business needs, we make sure that you stay connected to systems and data, 24/7.

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*Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2020, Acronis Cyber Readiness Report , 2020, FBI

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