Legitimate Interests for Processing of Personal Data

Legitimate business purpose – Carry out our services and protect and further our business

Including (but not limited to); maintaining contact details, providing partner support, and managing transactions, fault finding, tracing, and/or fixing and maintaining our networks which also includes meeting capacity demands (both telecoms and IT), testing and maintaining our systems, management reporting, recovery of debts and analysis of incoming emails for malicious activity.

Legitimate business purpose – Understanding and enhancing the support we give

Understanding and analysing the data we receive through the performance of our website, customer services, products and services in order to improve them and grow our business (including undertaking training).

Legitimate business purpose – Understanding our customers (including our partners)

Making recommendations and suggestions for our products and services (to develop our products and services, and to grow our business, including personalising interactions and communications, analysing Partner data with regards to their ability to pay and non-consent based marketing).Providing our customers with information about our product and services to support onward reselling to help our partners to grow their businesses.

Legitimate business purpose – Marketing

Where our direct marketing activity doesn’t need consent under PECR, we may rely on the legitimate interests where we believe the marketing to be proportionate and where we do not believe recipients are likely to object. We will always provide a clear option to opt-out of direct marketing, for those who no longer wish to receive these types of communication from us.

Legitimate business purpose – Product and service improvement

Analysing customer and end user data and/or network usage to improve our products and services (which could include using data to calculate accurate speeds) and to grow our business (including informing our marketing strategy and analysing customer feedback).

Legitimate business purpose – Protecting our customers

Retaining minimal personal data to protect our Partners, end users and our business (this includes the purpose of not duplicating webmail email addresses, complying with regulations and to honour customer instructions such as retaining marketing opt out data.

Enabling business transition

Managing the transition of data when selling all or part of one or more of our businesses or acquiring a new business. Supporting our partners with changes of business ownership or base sales and analysis of services and locations to ensure we can safely transition to new technologies.